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Ielts essay samples academic - IELTS Task 2 writing sample answer Band 7 Essay 1

Joan of Arc in France who defended her people and became a martyr for the same is worth remembering now. So, I think it is positive for individuals and negative for society. However, in the modern world, people conveniently forget their ancestral roots.

but you show the writing with three causes and some actions. If an applicant is to follow the instruction which is undisputedly, the question was about to what extant you agree and or disagree with the idea that SNS has got negative impact on our society? On the other hand, countries must think about future because it is very essential to grow in world. The sad plight of the people in the Middle East a few years ago under few dictators like Saddham Hussain in Iraq, Hosni Mubarack in Egypt and Colonel Gaddafi in Libya is worth remembering here. Comments This essay shows you the organisation of ideas into paragraphs and also how a clear answer is given in the thesis statement in the introduction and then supported and explained in full throughout the essay. And you need to aim for accuracy in language rather than aiming to impress the examiner which usually leads to more mistakes. Please elaborate so that I can have a clear understanding. Deep down some parents may also want their children to choose prestigious careers, or jobs that will impact society in some way. If you find that difficult to understand, don t try. It stands as curative measure in an administrative or the political system of a free society that acts as the custodians of the free will of its people.

Therefore, I strongly feel that the elements of both parenthood and the schooling together mould a child into respectable individual by making him behave nobly and ethically upright and thereby to become committed member in a society. Wish me luck, And i m grateful to your blog, despite of my busy schedule i give time to read some tips and advice here. For instance, robotic milking systems widely employed in farms in Ontario, Canada have proved to be more yielding and more precise. In addition, hefty pay makes broad shoulders to bear more and initiatives that are imperative in a business perception. Kanako, Japan on The instructor gives detailed advice on what you must do to. I was wondering, how would I structure my Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantage essay type? Before we get to that, however, let s take a look at a sample Task 2 question. K have already started feeling the heat of this scenario. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! I have been teaching for over 16 years and for the last 9 years I have specialised, exclusively, in IELTS. Note the essays are checked by an IELTS teacher, not an IELTS examiner or examiner trainer. Tel 61 450 973 975 Email hello

During your test, it is not time to be creative or try to use words in an unfamiliar way. Topic sentence for second main paragraph However, I believe that governments should do more than simply introduce a recycling law. I advise my students to write simple one-sentence conclusions, and spend more time perfecting the main body paragraphs. Writing your Essay When you ve done some initial planning, you re ready to dive into a writing. A government cannot afford brain-drain that might leave many public departments in dire straits for the lack of skilled brains.

Hi Liz, Is it okay to state why you agree or disagree on the second paragraph? There are many different ways to illustrate and explain a point rather than giving direct examples.

Comment by wahidalmahmud October 3, 2007 Can anyone tell me how to have my essay checked by IELTS teachers? To be crisp, despite education and health needing astute attention and sufficient funds, making it at the cost of arts will prove detrimental to a state.

Furthermore, in many cases, we judge others people are judged avoid using we by their outside appearance that they are successful because they own, for example, a big large is a little more academic house, an expensive car, or a good business.

Often, you ll find new errors and think of better ways to express the ideas in your essays.

United Nation s frequent help with food and other aids to African nations like Uganda is a life saver for those in there. This exercise simply helps you to develop your ability to use a variety of grammatical structures.

Use Coupon Code AUSSIE at check out Want to see a sample of the feedback report? Dear dcielts, Thank you for all the information that you have integrated in this site. Could you tell me what is ther difference between agree disagree essay and opinion essay? Answer There is no doubt that many people found social media affects badly a person and a community too. It is a verity that such a move would disquiet the silky growth of the current society. This is an opinion essay which means IELTS are asking you to choose a position and explain it. Apart from this, the equally significant factor which emerges out is the people s ignorance to social gathering such as, family function, birthday parties etc.

The main benefit of homework is that it encourages independent learning and problem solving, as children are challenged to work through tasks alone and at their own pace.

Notice how the thesis introduces the main idea of both body paragraphs.

The reasoning behind this debate is that smoking is an individual choice, businesses and government should refrain from such amendments. Personally I think this is an unnecessary waste of time, and it may even have a negative effect on your essay if the question doesn t ask for a prediction or you re going off topic.

This can be excellent in cultivating independence because the student must learn these skills quickly to survive.

You give hope and you show that impossible is possible. However, we should admit the fact that like us, animal kingdoms also the victim of wars. The candidate s position is clearly expressed in the conclusion.

This is partly due to the increasing in the purchasing power of the modernized world, which means that more and more people are able to spend their money on more luxury things.

A Japanese student wrote to me about an interesting cultural difference In Japan, students are told to correct their work using an eraser. Local communities should do more to try and involve local people in local activities in order to promote the future of community life. Being the gate way of knowledge, it has already started showing the symptoms of unity in terms of knowledge sharing, its application and experiments.

Is there a certain difference between To what extend do you agree?

I just wanted to know that which idea should be presented in body paragraph first- supporting one or the one stating the negative side.

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