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An essay on population problem - POPULATION PROBLEM OF INDIA Short Essay-New Speech Essay Topic

Even by medium projections it will contain nearly 1. 4 percent of the total land area of the world but the population of the country is 16 percent of the total global population. The study mentions that Loss of muscle mass, particularly of fast-twitch or Type II fibers that accompany advanced age, is associated with muscle weakness, increased fatigability, and a loss of functional independency 1. However, in his Nobel acceptance speech Borlaug perceptively commented that There can be no permanent progress in the battle against hunger until the agencies that fight for increased food production and those that fight for population control unite in a common effort. He therefore considered that the population increase should be kept down to the level at which it could be supported by the operation of various checks on population growth, which he categorized as preventive and positive checks.

Last but not the least, the lack of social awareness contributes much to 6 billion by 2100, about the same as the world population in 1900.

The Demographic Transition Model Source www.

Focusing on Argentina, this case study examines how increases in soybean production have resulted in varied environmental and social impacts. Under the existing condition of our economy, it cannot be said that the vast masses of people growing out of proportion to our resources are really an asset to the country.

The links are provided solely by this site s users. Thirdly, the population that we already have should be trained to make into skilled manpower and employed in income generating activities.

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This writer provides the highest quality of work possible. In spite of this, an examination of the implications inherent in Malthus analysis is revealing of some basic assumptions he makes regarding the economic role of women. This resulted, for example, in the English poor laws of 1834 and in a hesitating response to the Irish Great Famine of 1845-52.

Furthermore, with the continuation of this growth pattern, estimated by demographic researchers, this number is projected to double once more in about 40 years Raven 48. History has shown that previous attempts to control population have failed and recent laws enforced appear to be taken to extremes by the government. These things are directly related to the quality of life.

However, this problem can be reduced with the approval of sewers. Muslims scholars have extand the example of coitus interruptus, by analogy, to declaring allowable other forms of contraception, subject to three situations As children are the right of equally the husband and the wife, the birth control technique should be used with both parties consent. Reasons of population growth There are many common reasons of population explosion.

Moreover, We can export man to other countries to solve the population crisis.

And demographic factors increasingly contribute to environmental problems in the developed world as well, from densely populated coasts that are vulnerable to storms to low water tables in the American Southwest. However, these programs had no positive impact on African women, although in some countries the number of children per woman came down from 7.

Rate of Natural Increase Birthrate- Death Rate 10 16- 4 10 1. Population began to increase, steadily at first, but later at a faster tempo. A later phase of Malthusian thought began in the later twentieth century with a new Malthusianism aligned with ecology Jonnathan Benthall, At Trondheim, TLS 13 June 2014 28. Of special importance is the need for extensive and immediate research in the field to learn how we can make family planning more effective in societies that recognize the need for it. Many developing countries, in contrast, are now at an intermediate stage of low mortality as a result of improvements to public health, but still have high fertility rates consequently, their population growth is rapid.

60-A, East-West Population Institute, Honolulu, HI.

History has shown that previous attempts to control population have failed and recent laws enforced appear to be taken to extremes by the government.

This fight between haves and have-nots has the inherent seeds of conflict in it, which if erupted could imperil the peace and order in the society. Dialogue between two friends on exciting cricket match Zafi Hello Zarif! Another factor that encourages the growth-rate is religion. The main reason for population explosion is the lack of education and awareness among the poor in developing and underdeveloped countries. The objective is to point out the differences in Indian and US population compositions, total fertility rates, economic conditions, disease control policies, growth, and literacy rates.

7 increment and it was the fastest among all four regions in the country Perry and Mackun 2001. In general a population will tend to increase in number when the available resources are greater than that required by the members of the population present at that particular time. If that allowance was firm to be one child, for example, then the first child would be free, and the market would conclude what the license fee for each added child would cost. As a result creates a lot of critical problems involving communication, education, employment, housing, health, medical treatment, environment etc. The cities are crowded and filthy, the share of poor people is very high, and services are inadequate. A cloudy science of swirling vapors, signifying nothing. When the home is big enough for six, the population becomes eight and hence goes on and on. An estimated 350 million women in the poorest countries of the world moreover did not want their last child, do not want another child or want to gap their pregnancies, but they lack of information, reasonable means and services to conclude the size and spacing of their families.

With the crossing of the billion mark, the planners in the Government of India have once again started thinking of steps that can be taken of control population in the country.

In May 2011, the United Nations increased the average variant projections to 9. Now the world has a of about seven hundred crores. Stage two comprises of a decrease in death rates due to better medical treatment and continued high fertility rates this means high population growth rates. India is the most thickly populated country of the world, second only to China.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge. Tracing the roots of the problem to the colonial period, Commoner argues that initially, colonialism served to improve conditions and develop resources within colonies through the construction of roads, communication, and medical services.

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