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Project management case study pdf - Project management a case study of delhi metro project International Journal of Current Research

As the stream leads were old hands in the busin ess, not only were they acquai nted with on e another, but they also had an intuitive grasp of the complexities in areas of the business other than their own particular domain. Freq uent ly, compa nies do not fully compreh end the impac t of choos ing the inter nal empl oyee s with the co rre ct skill set. The findings of this research shows that change management activities within the organization can be helpful in increasing ERP acceptance within the firm. strict warning Declaration of views handler filter options validate should be compatible with views handler options validate form, form state in home4 vibu public html journalcra. According to Calegero 2000, ERP provides a closed view of important business processes by using the common data bases.

The body of knowledge rests with practitioners and academics that apply and advance it PMI, 2000. Wood and Caldas 2001 disc overed that many organisations failed to implement their ERP systems because they viewed them as just another IT project or some type of t. ABB Corporate Research, Industrial Software Systems Raleigh United States 3. Enterprise Resource Planning ERP projects often lead to disappointing outcomes, even downright failures, which is not in keeping with the vast investments they require. In addition to the 9 case studies, additional materials have been included to support the use of these case studies along with enrichment articles. In the case studied, an additional team member was hired from a local PR company in order to concentrate on communicatio n between the project team and the other employ ees at the plant. com sites all modules views plugins views plugin row. com sites all modules views plugins views plugin style default. The numbers in the cells relates to the total number of respondents selecting the process level of change for a speci? From the outse t, the scale of the underta ki ng was appr ecia te d and the cali br e of the team m embe rs was com me nsur ate wi th the ser ious ness of the task ahead.

It also appears that inadequate project management leads The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at to short-term solutions being applied to the problems t hat occur during the implementation of ERP systems with substantial side effects when systems go live Saint-Leger and Savall, 2001.

According to the PMI, project management is the application of know ledge, skills, tools, an d t echniques to project activities in ord er to meet or exceed stakeh older needs and expectations from a project PMI, 2000.

Ts in the years following implem entation, rather than bemoaning the lack of vanilla reports from the system and the construction of parallel data war ehouses to address speci?

ABSTRACT Enterprise resource planning ERP systems belong to the prevalent issues of contemporary business management.

The purpose of this paper is to present a case study of a successful ERP

The analysis of the data based on the theoretical framework that included three types of communicative competences.

Additionally, Hartman and Ashrafi 2002 point out that ICT is one of the fastest growing sectors in emerging countries. com sites all modules views handlers views handler filter. The PMI is acknowledged as the pioneering group worldwide for bringing professio nalism to the area of project mana gement.

In this context, ERP was ultimately seen as a necessary cost avoidance investment.

Ultimately, the project management team is always responsible for determining what is appro priate for any given project PMI, 2000, p. In the 1960s, the first management information systems had already been implemented Hyv nen, 2003 Jacobs and Weston, 2007 and it was Blumenthal 1969 who presented the first integrated structure of an information system in the year 1969. It also helps to track the business resources including production capacity, cash in hand, raw materials and provides an update to the organizational management regarding the business commitments including sales orders and purchasing orders Carton and Sammon, 2008.

2000, Learning from adopters experiences with ERP problems encountered and success achieved, Journal of Information Minahan, T. In particular, it is argued that ERP projects are often associa ted with the widespread re-engineering of business practices, whereas traditional projects have smaller organisational footprints and are design ed to match current practices.

2001, The impact of critical success factors across the stages of enterprise resource planning Procee din gs of t he 3 4th Haw aii International Conference on Systems Sciences, Honolulu, HI, USA, pp. The research results show a positive correlation between the context factor enterprise size and the ERP system Findings It is found that, by and large, PMBOK, because it is a very broad framework, can shed light on most of the key aspects of an ERP project. Based on the conducted case study in Company X, openness and the willingness to change are crucial.

Originality value This paper presents an investigation into the project management strategy adopted in the Pharma Inc. According to the PMI, project management is the application of know ledge, skills, tools, an d t echniques to project activities in ord er to meet or exceed stakeh older needs and expectations from a project PMI, 2000. ABB Corporate Research, Industrial Software Systems V ster s Sweden 2. This sometimes resulted in critical tasks being left behind for the sake of being on time. The net effect was that cos ts were minimised and control was optimised. The tools identified fall into two areas project development and project execution. Design methodology approach In this paper, the authors use a case study of a very successful roll out of an ERP application in the Irish subsidiary of a UK multinational to investigate the validity of one of the most commonly cited project management frameworks, the project management body of knowledge PMBOK, to ERP projects. In ACM Conference on Cooperative Work CSCW, Philadelphia, PA, USA, December 2-7, pp.

A training course based on the information in the guide was also developed. Qualitative Data Analysis An Expanded Sourcebook, 2nd edn.

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