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Project management case study pdf - Project management a case study of delhi metro project International Journal of Current Research

Waste toner bottle and electronic device collection bins were placed throughout the premises. 2005, Investigating success factors in enterprise application integration a case-drive analysis, European Journal of Information Systems, Vol.

Ts in the years following implem entation, rather than bemoaning the lack of vanilla reports from the system and the construction of parallel data war ehouses to address speci? Yet, as a result of markets globalization, new levels of are in place, marked by quick and deep changes in cultural, social, economic and technological basis,forcing organizations to find more effective ways to respond to these requirements. While an understan ding of vanilla project management is bene? Like, Tweet Share 2017 Project Management Institute, Inc. This meant that much work was done in the project prepa ration phase from mid-2003 to educa te team members on the ba ckground to ERP projects, the key challenges they would face as a project management team and the communication channels that would be used to make decisions. Rst round of intervi ews and questionn aires demon strated a certain perception of the bene?

In this paper, we examine a case study of an ERP roll out in an American multinational involved in the pharmaceutica l secto r.

2004, Innovating mindfully with information technology, Wood, T. The case involves a manufactu ring subsid iary of a mu ltinational pharm aceutical?

Previous research has indicated that the scope and complexity of ERP are differe nt from traditional analysis and des ign projects Davenport, 2000 suggesting speci?

Cation of requirements for ERP projects is often non-existent or applied becau se organis ations are hoping to acqu ire ready-made solutions that embod y best practice that is directly applicable to them. Full control of document costs via realtime monitoring at user and department levels. Culty especially in organisation s with no culture of working across functional areas and no experience of such large projects. The next section presents the PMBOK framework, which has been put forward as a best practice vehicle to understand pro ject management in informati on systems IS projects Pr oject Management Institute PMI, 2000., 1999, which has le d softwa re vendors and consultants to reco mmend a zero modi? In addition, our environmental performance has improved considerably thanks to KYOCERA s low-waste ECOSYS products.

It also suggests a novel approach to using the perceived strength s of the organisation as a barome ter for the impact of such systems, such as ERP. In order to be in line with their Project Management methodology, their device fleet needed to meet certain criteria in the fields of Quality, Cost, Delivery, Management, Safety and Environment.

It is useful to consid er to what extent ERP are like or unlike other IS projects.

requirements, tasks, and interactions with other departments or employees. Some further studies report a strong advancement for the role of management accountants through an ERP system but the specific use of an ERP system and its effects on the role of management accountants therefore have been largely neglected so far.

Researchers have been trying for some time to Scope of project Manufacturing, planning, procurement, sales and distribution,?

In this context, ERP was ultimately seen as a necessary cost avoidance investment. August 2005 Journal of Enterprise Information Management Purpose The need for an integrated enterprise wide approach to management information pronounced data warehousing DW the hot topic of the early to mid 1990s.

Various methodologies have been put forwa rd to ensure the package is implemented in a manner that ensure s the quali ty of the?

Global software development, guest editor s introduction. Tab le VI shows the post go-live situation in Septem ber 2004 for the same question. Thus, only a few research works have investigated the effects of the context factor enterprise size on ERP systems.

Keywords offshore management risk measurement collaboration Preview Unable to display preview.

The clash between the two cultures inherent in Phar ma Inc.

For example, managi ng the day-to-d ay activities of the project is necessary for success, but not suf? Following this rapid learning curve, with just nine months on the project and with go-liv e immine nt, team members were extremely aware of the extent of the changes that were ab out to take place and for which they would have to take IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 28 7, 671 683 2002, doi 10.

Data cleansin g became a huge issue for the proje ct team, and a dedicated data maintenance team of 17 full time equiva lent s ensured that data going into the new 4. Anot her unique eleme nt of the constitution of the local project team was the pre-meditated pairing of, as one team member out it, experience and en ergy in each of the process streams. Case 10 Leadership Implications in Complex Projects The Boeing Dreamliner and Jim McNerney Student is introduced to core concepts such as leadership, risk tolerance, organizational structure, complexity, change management, trust, motivation, communication, radical and incremental innovation. Communicative Competence in project management A case study in an agile environment Title Communicative Competence in project management A case study in an agile environment Author s Date 2012 Language en Pages 83 Department Department of Communication Viestinn n laitos Major Subject International Business Communication International Business Communication Keywords Controlled terms Location P1 I Archive number 12771 The study focused on identifying the key communicative competences of a project manager in an agile project environment. It is the researchers conviction that it is this trial and error appro ach to exploiti ng the vast richness of transactiona l data stor ed in the ERP system, that will yield bene?

This served as a channel to get across to employe es outside the project, in an entertaining way, what the purpose of the project was and why their participa tion was vital. Copyright 2010 International Journal Of Current Research.

Cult to put in place wit hout losing control over the overall duration of the project. From the outse t, the scale of the underta ki ng was appr ecia te d and the cali br e of the team m embe rs was com me nsur ate wi th the ser ious ness of the task ahead. August 2005 Journal of Enterprise Information Management Purpose The need for an integrated enterprise wide approach to management information pronounced data warehousing DW the hot topic of the early to mid 1990s. Our case study showed a unique wi llingness to go it alone with respect to integration partners.

By contrast, in December 2003, just before the project went live, only 9 per cent of respondents held on to their belief that the ERP ha d been a enabler of change, 91 per cent judging it to have been a driver of change. The research findings reflect that effective change management activities can be helpful in increasing the acceptance of the ERP systems within the firm. Design methodology approach In this paper, the authors use a case study of a very successful roll out of an ERP application in the Irish subsidiary of a UK multinational to investigate the validity of one of the most commonly cited project management frameworks, the project management body of knowledge PMBOK, to ERP projects.

The underlying assumption in the study was the idea that by viewing the communicative project environment and exploring the aspects of project managers daily work it is possible to recognise communicative competences of a project manager. Ve respondents suggested a medium positive impact on customer responsiveness metrics in general, was responsible for carr ying out an extensiv e after action review AAR of the entire project, which inv olved rev isiting ob jectives 12 months after go live to evaluate whethe r they had been achieved.

Indeed, this approach is evidence of the survival of the CAN DO attitude, despite the perceived constraints of ERP! All team me mber s wer e fu ll time on the pr ojec t whe ther for th e enti re durat ion of th e project or for short er peri ods. Project management a case study of a successful ERP implementation PDF Download Available For full functionality of ResearchGate it is necessary to enable JavaScript. ABSTRACT In the current literature there is a need for research on the link between the use of enterprise resource planning ERP systems and management accounting. Discussing each category of the framework in turn, the case data to illustrate where the PMBOK framework is a good fit or needs refining for ERP projects is used. Anything less will be either a failed project or a challenged project. However, the learning process whereby sites within the same organisation can improve the template based on the ir own implementation experience, such that subsequent sites might bene? ERP systems are complex and they require relianc e on many different types of expertise, which may also need to be source d outside the organisation.

For a comprehensive list of PMI marks, contact the PMI Legal department. Ed the following strengths customer respo nsiveness, innovation, new product introduction NPI, CAN DO attitude, R D research and development, implementation of new processes technologies, manufacturing knowledge and ability, project delivery track record proven performance, and highly ef?

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