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Thesis of educational psychology - COUNSELING, EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP, EDUCATIONAL AND SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY CLES- Ed Psych- Wichita State University

What psychological effects did segregation in schools and busing students to distant communities have on children who experienced these in some form? Website The Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education, University of Saskatchewan, currently offers two M. Peter Mitchell 2006-2007 Stephen Jull Exploring the utility of student behaviour in mainstream schools reconsidering antisocial behaviour within the inclusion project. All credits are minimum numbers unless otherwise noted. Also, tell us which currency you d like to have the fees displayed in.

Pick an idea based on conviction and remain objective to the end. 2009-2010 Lucie Shuker It ll look good on your personal statement a multi-case study of self-marketing amongst 16-19 year olds applying to university. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. What results can be achieved with these different approaches to learning? Click on the appropriate link below to view the arts education art teachers beginning teachers teacher attitudes visual arts case studies education majors postmodernism universities arts-based research Thompson, Kate PhD Models as mindtools for environmental education how do students use models to learn about a complex system? Jennifer Rious Director Michael Cunningham Altruistic prosocial behavior as a protective factor for African American adolescents exposed to community violence Catherine Rochefort Director Michael Hoerger Personality, health behaviors, and physical health in non-clinical and oncology samples 2014 Michael Brachfeld Director Oscar Barbarin The relationship between parents personal mastery, depressive symptoms and children s behavior Heather Henderson Director Bonnie Nastasi Using mental health self reports to identify African American students at risk for school dropout Idan Mark Director Oscar Barbarin Early vs late entry into school The effect of maturation versus early exposure on mathematic skills and executive function in and kindergarten Zainab Siddiqui Director Bonnie Nastasi A qualitative study of stress perception and reactions to stress in urban African American children and adolescents Meredith Summerville Director Bonnie Nastasi The ecomap as a measure of psychological well-being Results from primary school children identified as at-risk for psychological distress Melza van Roijen Director Jill Daniel Influence of estradiol on the ability of IGF-I to impact memory and hippocampal synaptic proteins Jorge Verlenden Director Bonnie Nastasi Using ecomaps to assess social emotional functioning in school-based universal screening 2013 Michael Girgis Director Ed Golob Motion perception A closer examination of velocity s effect on momentum Trenesha Hill Director Enrique Varela Weak central coherence and social skills in children with autism spectrum disorders The role of anxiety and cognitive functioning Kathryn Jones Director Enrique Varela The role of negative emotions and cultural acceptability in explaining somatic symptoms in Latino and White non-Latino children Brooke Rappaport Director Lisa Molix Ambivalent sexism and psychological well-being Examining the role of stigma consciousness Lily Rabinow Director Jeff Lockman Infants use of spoons with floppy and rigid handles Alexandra Roselli Director Laurie O Brien Predictors of long-term mental health outcomes among Hurricane Katrina survivors Caroline Tipler Director Janet Ruscher Kittens and cougars The effect of distinct dehumanizing metaphors for women on perception and behavior 2012 Kevin Barry Director Mike Cunningham Antisocial behavior in the urban context The effects of family, peers, and hypermasculine attitudes on high achieving Black male adolescents Daniel Bayless Director Jill Daniel Sex differences in impulsive choice in prepubescent and adult rats Role of neonatal testosterone exposure Patrick Bell Director Bonnie Nastasi A qualitative approach to emic-etic modeling of psychological well-being for use in designing school programs Amanda Borja Director Bonnie Nastasi Phenomenology of education stakeholders about teacher competencies in New Orleans and Sri Lanka Implications for teacher well-being Jeff Brown Director Oscar Barbarin Explaining trajectories of emotional functioning in Black boys from kindergarten through the 5th grade Christopher Burchett Director Laurie O Brien Attributions to Discrimination at the Intersection of Race and Gender Meaghan Crawley Director Paul Colombo Response learning increases histone acetylation and is enhanced by histone deacetylase inhibition Jennifer Maldarelli Director Jeff Lockman The development of early handwriting An eye movement analysis Laura Marques Director Stacy Overstreet Exploring the relationship between hurricane exposure and child emotional and behavioral functioning two years post-Katrina Dustin Mars Director Laurie O Brien Consequences for learning about American history How learning about historical trauma might not be equal for everyone Shereen Naser Director Stacy Overstreet Evaluating the effects of substance use on posttraumatic stress symptoms in a community sample of female adolescents following Hurricane Katrina Lauren Peterson Director Enrique Varela Childhood anxiety and the effects of children s appraisals of parental control in Latin American and European American cultures Kristin Scott Director Oscar Barbarin From higher-order thinking to higher-order behavior Exploring the relationship between early cognitive skills social competence in Black boys Stefanie Simon Director Laurie O Brien Confronting sexism Exploring the effect of nonsexist credentials on responses to confrontations Allysin Swift Director Bonnie Nastasi Parental stress and socialization practices of black parents Qualitative research and analyses to inform interventions Tara Van Bommel Director Janet Ruscher Looking up and thinking positive The effect of embodied metaphors on ageist attitudes 2011 Berre Burch Director Stacy Overstreet The Synergistic Effects of Violence in Multiple Contexts in Predicting Mental Health Outcomes Max Daigh Director Lisa Molix Parental Reactions to Sexual Minority Disclosure Examining the role of social dominance orientation Gordon Franke Director Dave Corey Delayed Auditory Feedback Impacts on Speech Evidence for Sensory Feedback Control of Movement Wendy Jung Director Jeff Lockman Development of Motor Planning in a Fitting Task in Toddlers Jackleen Leed Director Jeff Lockman Foundations of Early Graphic Instrument Exploration Laura Niditch Director Enrique Varela The Relation between Perceived Controlling Parenting and Anxiety in Youth Effects of Self-Efficacy and Metacognition Alexandra Sims Director Stacy Overstreet Posttraumatic Stress and Posttraumatic Growth in Adolescents following Hurricane Katrina Claire Yanta Director Jeff Lockman Planning and Orienting Handled Objects During Tool Use 2010 Balachandar Kathirvelu Director Paul Colombo Changes in CREB During Memory Formation Evidence for Interaction Bbetween the Hippocampus and Dorsal Striatum Qi Li Director Jeff Lockman Infant Object Exploration of Different Handles Sara Redahan Director Jeff Lockman Planning Strategies and Orienting Objects During Tool Use Christine Sassane Director Janet Ruscher Community Coping After Hurricane Katrina The Effects of Mental Health and Vicarious Traumatization on the Construction of Personal Trauma Narratives 2009 Alyssa Boasso Director Janet Ruscher Mechanisms Influencing Reactions to Bereaved Individuals The Relations Among Social Attraction, Perseveration, Mood and Expected Grief Duration Kelly Holmes Director Stacy Overstreet Cortisol Dysregulation in Youth With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder John Holmes Director Ed Golob Title The Effect of Spatial Attention on Event-Related Potentials A Study of Auditory Objects and Spatial Localization Rosa Maria Mulser Director Michael Cunningham The Roles of Racial Identity, Race-Related Stressors, and Academic Achievement in Rural Adolescents Jill West Director Stacy Overstreet Hurricane Katrina and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder The Moderating Roles of Social Support and Age 2008 Kate Autin Yurgil Director Edward Golob Neural Activity Associated with Conscious Perception EEG and ERP Fluctuations Before and After a Dichotic Stimulus Heather Brandt Director Denise Newman Blurring The Signal The Impact of Parental Distress on the Congruence of Parent and Adolescent Report of Internalizing Symptoms Elizabeth Carey Director Lisa Szechter Encouraging Young Scientists Parent-Child Interactions at an Informal Science Education Center Charles Corprew Director Michael Cunningham Personal and Social Factors Associated with Academic Outcomes in African American Adolescent Males Lauren Hitt Director Enrique Varela Fears in Hispanic Youth Kyle Hucke Director Michael Cunningham Sports as a Buffering Variable on the Relationship Between Negative Youth Experiences and Bravado Attitudes in Male African American Adolescents Bjorn Alexander Kahrs Director Jeffrey Lockman Trial Based Learning of a Manual Task Jennifer Kuhn Director Stacy Overstreet The Relations Among Coping Self-Efficacy, Exposure to Hurricane Katrina, and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in African American Youth Kathryn Moore Director Enrique Varela Moderators in the Relationship Between Exposure to Hurricane Katrina and Long-term Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms Shaefali Pillai Rodgers Director Paul Colombo Memory in The Molecular Mechanisms of Spatial Learning Angelique Trask-Tate Director Michael Cunningham Planning Ahead Examining the Relations Between School Support and Parental Involvement in the Development of Future Academic Expectations in Resilient African American Adolescents 2007 Lee Ann Carnes Director Jeff Lockman Bernice Kaufman Director Dave Corey An ERP Study of the Stroop Task and Emotional Stroop Task Laura Manning Director Edward Golob A Perspective on Speech and Music Perception 2006 Jeffrey Beyers Director Professor Wallace On the Nature of Situational Judgment Tests A Meta-Analysis of Constructs Assessed and Criterion Validities of SJT s Michael Christian Director Professor Edwards and Regulatory Focus Narrowing the Bandwidth to Predict Escalation of Commitment in the Face of Failure Samantha Francois Director Professor Cunningham Where We Live How Perceived Social Support Moderates the Relationship Between Neighborhood Contexts and Academic Functioning for African American Adolescents Lauren Hensley Director Professor Varela Pediatric Somatization and Anxiety Sensitivity Following Hurricane Katrina Faye Kim Director Professor Wilson Increasing Social Interation in High Functioning With Autism Spectrum Disorder Through the Use of Reinforcement, Pivotal Response Training, and with Countoons Lucinda Lang Director Professor Cunningham Perceived Social Support and Ego Resiliency in African American Adolescent Females Timothy Luis Director Professor Varela Parenting Practices and Childhood Anxiety Reporting A Comparison of Mexican, Mexican American and Europeon American Familities Amanda Shull Director Professor Wallace Emotional Labor Questionnaire Scale Development and Validation Flannery Stevens Director Professor Edwards What s Your MOTIF?

Graduate education admission is granted to a specific degree and to a particular program or 2005-2006 Malcolm Field The influence of ICT on language learning and language use for language learners of English in Japan. Master of Arts thesis, Wilfrid Laurier University. Acar, Xiaoqing Tu, Kate Sirota, and Brian Keiser, Patrick P ssel, Kathleen Moritz Rudasill, Jill L.

Restriction For School Applied Child Psychology students only.

A resum including- educational background- job experience with dates- relevant volunteer experiences with dates- undergraduate graduaet activities, and personal interests- e-mail address One-page statement of your professional goals and reserach interets Upon receipt of this information, the departmental screening committee will make concerning admission decisions for the master s program in educational psychology.

Examples of projects and theses are provided on the Main Page of the Educational Psychology Program. 2008-2009 Dolores Corcoran Developing mathematical knowledge for teaching a three-tiered study of Irish pre-service primary teachers. 2016 Advisor Patricia Veach Yoga as a psychological intervention and practice integration of professional teachers Anna Roth, 2014 Advisor Thomas M. 2009-2010 Claire Sangster The role of in motor learning exploring the self regulated motor performance of children with developmental coordination disorder.

The choices for the course of study are determined by the student and advisor based on prior preparation, professional aspirations, scholastic needs, and personal preferences. 2010-2011 Maria Mama Exploring primary teachers beliefs and practices with technology in Cyprus. Educational Psychology and Counseling Master s Thesis Collection Educational Psychology and Counseling Master s Thesis Collection JavaScript is disabled for your browser. 2007-2008 Robin Bevan From black boxes to glass boxes the application of computerised concept mapping in schools. The University of Edinburgh, 2001 Drake, Eleanor Katherine Elizabeth The University of Edinburgh, 2017-07-03 This thesis investigates the effects in speech production of prediction during speech comprehension. Top 25 Dissertation Research Ideas In Educational Psychology 25 Outstanding Dissertation Research Ideas in Educational Psychology In the modern world, the method of educating new generation is fast changing. Many students will have completed these prerequisites in their undergraduate programs.

Espelage 2010 2010, Yulan Cheng, Ian Newman, Ming Qu, Lazarous Mbulo, Yan Chai, Yan Chen, and Duane F.

Mfuthwana, Thembeka Stellenbosch Stellenbosch University, 2016-03 ENGLISH ABSTRACT According to the UNESCO document of 1994, the fundamental principle of the inclusive school is that all children should learn together, wherever possible regardless of any difficulties or differences.

What are the limitations of human memory with regards to learning? Terms Winter 2014 Instructors Steven Shaw Winter Prerequisite No credit will be given for this course unless both and are successfully completed in consecutive terms and together are equivalent to Offered by Educational Counselling Psych Administered by Graduate Studies Overview Ed Psych Couns Psychology Current issues and developments and reviews of major areas in educational psychology in the context of research in the Department and the evolution of the discipline at large.

2012-2013 Sihua Liang Construction of language attitudes in multilingual China linguistic ethnographies of two primary schools in Guangzhou. All credits are minimum numbers unless otherwise noted. Requirements Core Courses- 12 credits EDPSY 406- Applied Statistical Inference for the Behavioral Sciences- Students without a strong prior statistics background may be required to take EDPSY 400 to improve their foundation prior to taking EDPSY 406. This is a discipline that largely depends on quantitative methods which demands support using reliable measurements and figures. Paul Andrews 2012-2013 Danae Tsapikidou The effects of isolated and integrated form-focused instruction in the primary classroom a study. Collecting Data Researchers share tips for collecting data more efficiently. Qian, Xueqin 2015 Advisor Joe Reichle A comparison of word learning in 3-year-old children at-risk for language and literacy difficulties in two conditions Dialogic reading and activity-based intervention Naomi L. How important are events and experiences in early life and can they be overtaken by what occurs later? Questions, comments and suggestions regarding the eTheses Repository are welcomed at.

Students will present their final paper projects to faculty, peers, and other interested professional parties.

2008-2009 Christoforos Mamas Getting along with peers in mainstream primary schools an exploration of the social status of pupils identified as having special educational needs in Cyprus. 2007-2008 Maria Eracleous The pathway of the heart a study of the education of the emotions in pre-school settings in Cyprus. Recent Submissions Attitudes to nature vary between individuals, between cultures and over history. Prerequisite Offered by Educational Counselling Psych Administered by Graduate Studies Overview Ed Psych Couns Psychology Multicultural, multilingual and gender issues as they relate to the practising school and counselling psychologist. Study various approaches to education in different countries. Hofmann Leedy, Seang-Hwane Joo, Yong Isaac Li, Courtney A.

in Educational Psychology and Special Education Special Education Stream with Advanced Standing Students must maintain continuous registration, either in a credit course or a tuition bearing maintenance of status. Copyright and all rights therein are retained by authors or by other copyright holders. Educational Psychology Special Education Measurement and Evaluation Stream- Course-based The M. Edith Esch 2012-2013 Tal-Chen Rabinowitch Faculty of Music Musical group interaction mechanisms and effects.

Offered by Educational Counselling Psych Administered by Graduate Studies Overview Ed Psych Couns Psychology Focus on the profession and practice of school psychology. Psychological Theory Two courses in psychological theory not including the introductory course in psychology, for example, personality, social, developmental, or learning. 2013-2014 Daniela Jadue Roa Young children s development of a sense of learning agency through their transition between kindergarten and first grade in Chile.

Although there has been a proliferation of research on protest in.

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