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Computer science terms list - Glossary

It s in fact time to make a new Wiki, that tries to show things as simple as possible, but not simpler than that to paraphrase an old Chinese proverb. The modern world is a sea of data, and exploiting the local maxima of human perception is key to making sense of it. Enter testing statements like print myfunction test argument below.

Drexel University Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Affairs, Computer Science. Cloud computing Cloud computing refers to the storing and accessing of data and programs over the Internet instead of on another type of hard drive.

Bandwidth Bandwidth refers to the maximum amount of data that can travel a communications path in a given time, usually measured in seconds. SOA is an IT architecture in which functions are de?

Life-cycle cost analysis LCCA is the study of all the costs associated with processes, materials and goods from acquisition to ownership and. shift key e Umschalttaste shortcut s r Shortcut as a shortcut im shut down, close application beenden shut down computer However in the Asymmetric cryptography section, I think Alice will realize she isn t as brilliant as she thought she was when she finds out that she did not solve her initial problem, which was sending stuff to Carl or to the 10 other people.

Mon ordi plante tout le temps My computer crashes all the time. For instance, apps developed for iOS require the iOS SDK, Windows apps require the. By finding ways to comb through this data, companies can identify consumer patterns and use them to predict and optimize their business.

Concurrency is a property of programs and systems that allow tasks to run in overlapping time periods.

For the left side, stuff 0 is 2, so stuff stuff 0 refers to the variable stuff 2.

0 Composition and Rhetoric II Advanced Research and Evidence-Based Writing 3. 0 or Computer Programming I Advanced Computer Programming I 3. Applet- A graphical Java program that executes inside a web browser or applet viewer.

SATA Express SATAe or Serial ATA Express is a bus interface to connect storage devices to a computer motherboard, supporting. It is used to keep track of the user s usage patterns and preferences.

org s online lear An error in a program that prevents the program from running a A list of steps to finish a task.

Each recurring concept listed in this report Occurs throughout the discipline Has a variety of instantiations Has a high degree of technological independence Thus, a recurring concept is any concept that pervades the discipline and is independent of any particular technology. 0701 Standard Occupational Classification SOC code 11-3021 15-1111 15-1131 15-1132 11-1199 About the Program The College of Computing Informatics Bachelor of Science Arts in Computer Science offers extensive exposure and hands-on practice in the core areas of the field, including programming paradigms and languages, algorithms, systems, networking, and software engineering. Grid computing or the use of a computational grid is applying the resources of many computers in a network to a single problem at the same time 1.

Rutgers University Senior Associate Dean of Research. Peer reviewed journal Peer review is a process by which editors have experts in a field review books or articles submitted for publication by the experts peers.

With Linux and this is easier than ever before.

This happens because the banking system isn t aware of other ongoing transactions. Specifically when you defined Q2 s membership in NP because it was easy to verify and hard to solve. Steve Jobs Q9 What is an application program interface API?- Bluej is an easy-to-use program for learning Java.

We recognize there are many additional terminologies that are not included in the glossary, however we have included the most often used terminology.

The most prominent operating system is Microsoft Windows. SEO is done through using algorithms based on specific search engine s behaviors, analyzing the specific keywords typed into search engines, and researching which search engines are popular with particular demographics.

While the worst case scenario of a DDoS is a failure of the operating system and a crash of the computer system, some common symptoms of a DDoS are A particular web or e-mail resource becoming unavailable Slow network performance Inability to access some network resources What Motivates DDoS Attacks? Conduct due diligence on third party contracts and licenses to ensure that your licenses permit use by the service provider. When completing undergraduate CS electives and graduate CS courses, students should take care to avoid equivalent courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Arithmetic expression compute numeric result and make use of the arithmetic operators. Magazine A publication, issued on a regular basis, containing popular articles, written and illustrated in a less technical manner than the articles found in a journal. While the worst case scenario of a DDoS is a failure of the operating system and a crash of the computer system, some common symptoms of a DDoS are A particular web or e-mail resource becoming unavailable Slow network performance Inability to access some network resources What Motivates DDoS Attacks?

Term 1 Credits Computing and Informatics Design I 2. Fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly to get your questions answered so you can better understand how Rasmussen College can help you achieve your goals. Consider what form of organization is best suited to meet your objectives. Recently Published Definitions Azure Notification Hubs are push notification engines designed to update users with alerts about new content for a given site, service or app. IT specialists can earn qualifications to become a certified ethical hacker.

By caching, your browser won t have to reinvent the wheel every time the site is requested. Over half of the coding hacks I ve learned came from my study of graphics. Logic programming, declarative programming, answer set programming, knowledge various types of reasoning George Mason University Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Distinguished Professor of Systems and Software Engineeing Joint Appointments with the College of Engineering and the College of Medicine. Peer review helps to ensure the quality of an information source by publishing only works of proven validity, methodology, and quality. The difference of a linked list over a conventional array is that the order of the linked items may be different from the order that the data items are stored in memory or on disk, allowing the list of items to be accessed in a different order.

0 or Computer Programming II Advanced Computer Programming II 3.

- using new, a method that is automatically called and runned when a object is created by a class. 2 Cryptography is the study and application of secure communication. Graphics and simulation There is no discipline more dominated by clever than graphics. It would reduce the purchase and development of redundant systems. One way to create a list is by enclosing several values, separated with commas, between square brackets myList the first value in the list, 1999, 4.

Black-box testing- Testing a method without knowing its

Recommended reading by Felleisen, Findler, Flatt and Krishnamurthi.

Encyclopedia A work containing information on all branches of knowledge or treating a particular branch of knowledge such as history or chemistry.

Companies that rely on professional consulting firms for IT needs get better and more efficient results than those that attempt to address them in-house.

You are starting to learn about computation and its purpose. Computer scientists should understand a computer from the transistors up. LAN A local area network LAN is a system that connects computers and other devices that share a common communications line and wireless link, generally within a limited geographical area such as a home or office building. Corequisites COMPUTER SCIENCE Computer science is a discipline- also can be describe as a branch of knowledge where abstraction the process of dealing with ideas rather than events is much concern. Learning to use a theorem prover immediately impacts coding style. 5 Term 4 Advanced Programming Tools and Techniques 3. 0 or Computer Programming I Advanced Computer Programming I 3. 0 or Computer Programming II Advanced Computer Programming II 3. Online Public Access Catalog OPAC A computerized database that can be searched in various ways such as by keyword, author, title, subject, or call number to find out what resources a library owns. Given the intimate role poor C programming plays in the prevalence of the buffer overflow security it is critical that programmers learn how to program C properly. Software reliability, program behavior, concurrent and systems-level code, formal assurance, programming models, distributed computing, even testing Harvard University. Definitions used in data center management, including hardware, virtualization and cloud computing.

Thesaurus A list of terms which serves as a standardized or for identifying, locating, and retrieving information. The technology is also known as autonomous cruise control. more from Wikipedia more from Youtube One of the most significant cyber threats to businesses, local and federal government agencies is the attack DDoS. Computer scientists do the same when faced with some complex calculations they break them down into multiple tasks, which are then assigned to different computers, which perform them Students are advised to take one class each year, beginning with the sophomore year, and to avoid clustering these courses near the end of their matriculation. To be blunt, if these students have a fundamental mental barrier to accepting an alien syntactic regime even temporarily, they lack the mental dexterity to survive a career in computer science.

Email accounts, Internet and BannerWeb access are available through the Office of Information Resources and Technology.

These can be made in programs or written on a napkin we ve seen it all. Bounce back An email message that cannot be delivered and returns an error notification to the sender is said to bounce back. Despite the hiccups the IT service industry continues to grow as the software industry becomes more competitive and U. Binary search tree- A binary tree in which each subtree has the property that all left descendants are smaller than the value stored in the root, and all right descendants are larger. Standard landline telephones use analogue technology.

Your computer s chip is also referred to as the CPU Central Processing Unit or the processor.

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