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Case study examples for advertising - Marketing Portfolio Case Studies CastleCS Advertising Vancouver Marketing Castle Communication Systems

10 04 2017 Having launched a Russian website and social media presence, ASOS wanted to scale their activity in this market.

Rather than try to drive an audience to a new online destination to encourage them to interact with something in a different way, the campaign tapped into something people were already doing.

This example for Samsung represents the famous figure Vincent Van Gogh.

Real-time data create the opportunity for greater efficiency and improved campaign outcomes.

Results In June 2011, Carnival because the first cruise company to reach 1 million fans Almost 1 3 of the fan base, over 370,000 people, has come directly from Facebook ads 70,000 people entered one of the sweepstakes Over 50 of Carnival Cruise Line fans visit the Facebook page daily In one day, the Carnival Magic videos were viewed more than 65,000 times 24.

Results In four days, the Ace Hardware Facebook Page went from 20,000 fans to almost 50,000 fans The ad campaign generated about 50,000 clicks to the Facebook page The number of fan postings on the Facebook page grew by 900 5.

Results 100 increase in sales for travel packages coming from Facebook 30 increase in site visits month over month from Facebook 53. Just like pointing in real life, or drawing arrows on an image to help point out something, using leading lines in advertising is a great way to direct your consumers eyes right where you want them to look.

Step 4 Describe the challenges the advertiser faced in meeting the objectives with current sales and marketing activities. From campaigns spending 1 day to millions a year. Enter your website address in the form below and see how your website measures up against the competition. Cognizant Consulting Case Study Video Category Business Case Study Example Making of a Video View the Process of Making Google Allo s Video Cognizant is an American multinational corporation that provides digital, technology, consulting and operations services.

The top 60 photos would be placed on 10 Hong Kong buses.

30 Advertisement Design Tips That Turn Heads Brilliant Case Studies Design School 30 Advertisement Design Tips That Turn Heads Brilliant Case Studies As long as people keep creating new products, they will keep creating ads. A Facebook page was made for Small Business Saturday, and American Expressed launched Marketplace Ads and Premium Reach Blocks to drive people to the page. This ad is for online matchmaking service Parship. Mazda made news with major news sources in Europe including BBC News, The Telegraph, The Daily Mirror, Which? gif, ow 600, pt Local Facebook Advertising Case Study, rid rmt 0, rt 0, ru com s Facebook Ad Templates, sc 1, st th 177, tu q u003dtbn tw 284 cl 9, clt n, cr 9, ct 9, id N KJuMl-ccoH M, isu org saw a 13 conversion rate from Facebook users versus their 1 average from other channels. The takeaway here is simple the value of the Yellow Pages and Yellow Books has declined dramatically with the rise in availability of computers and the Internet.

On par with Google AdWords on a cost-per-lead and basis. The company wanted to build its word-of-mouth marketing and product awareness through its Facebook page.

Keep in mind when designing your ad, that short and sharp copy is much easier to remember and consume, as your audience will instantly read your message as soon as they glance over your ad getting the message right away, loud and clear. The campaign was carried out on Facebook and sought to bolster confidence in the AirAsia brand during a difficult year for the airline. Truth PSA Truth is a national campaign aimed at teens providing information on tobacco and addiction.

A big question for us at the time was the name and whether the brand could be relevant to young men moving forward. Here is a sample of the ad copy used Get 65 offa luxury vacation. There is no clutter, no loud colours, no big and bold type, the whitespace creates a peaceful and serene tone, perfect for this situation. Business Case Study Examples help you to get idea for Marketing. Johnnie Walker Malaysia Facebook Johnnie Walker wanted to build its fan base and promote its Step Inside the Black Circuit Lounge campaign, a race party event at the Malaysian Grand Prix. aspx, s case study creation kit- guide template, sc 1, st HubSpot Blog, th 133, tu q u003dtbn 7lj, tw 379 cb 12, cl 6, clt n, id isu getmemedia. An early and key decision was to turn this perceived weakness into a strength.

Then, they targeted different roles, such as marketing manager or chief marketing officer.

This case study looks at the secret to Diamond Candles success. Budweiser targeted people who had listed sports and beer in their likes and interests in the countries where they had a presence. But, it s important to keep in mind that typography isn t just limited to the fonts on your computer. musical Facebook Ads provided the musical the ability totarget and reach niche audiences at an affordable rate. Videology s campaign was 2x more effective at hitting their target compared to a traditional TV campaign this resulted in an 8. Cathay Pacific airline Cathway created a Travel the world in 80 days campaign. One of the biggest mistakes they make is not using the landing page effectively. Up-to-date and relevant training from our passionate researchers, analysts, consultants and practitioners. is one of the market leaders in products that have been personalised with digital photography. You have a snazzy new product and need marketing collateral to show it off. started a Facebook Ad campaign for her client who wanted to sell a high-priced 990 home renovation program to women s in 30-40 age range across the USA. Case studies are more associated with words like dull and stodgy. Lesson Learned 3 Keep your targeting narrow than being broad. The results Web site traffic climbed 75, and sales leads have doubled.

WCG designed and launched a website called Together With U on behalf of Union Bank Trust to share positive happenings in the Virginia communities it serves and to offer helpful business and financial advice. com, itg 0, ity png, oh 1193, ou com originals 8e f6 0d 04 The company reached 1 million fans two months after it began to advertise, and its engagement rates have increased Brand awareness has increased amongst its target demographic 79. The company ran a six week campaign using Marketplace ads targeting several different age groups. What problems occurred, and how did the agency manage these issues? That s why native advertising should soon step in and replace traditional marketing models, which proved to be rather unsuccessful in this field.

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Lesson Learned 8 You don t need a large budget to succeed with Facebook Ads.

Another spot, Questions, debuted in June 2010 and featured the same character, played by actor Isaiah Mustafa.

The company wanted to update its advertising campaigns and reach its target audience, people ages 18 to 34 in relationships.

Viewers who click through are invited to like the brand and then invite three friends to join a Group Scoop. The Company offers designing and installing services.

Results The Facebook page went from 67 fans to 1,871 fans Grew their Facebook fan base by over 2,500 in one month 61. The company wanted to build its word-of-mouth marketing and product awareness through its Facebook page. They can provide all the fodder for a epic adventure one where your client is the hero and you are the key to the fairy tale ending. Paid advertising on Twitter can be done in three ways. Brand, category and media intelligence from the front lines of advertising Find out how the world s most successful brands use advertising Global advertising data to help you make the right judgments WARC is used by major companies from all corners of the advertising industry.

Business Case Study Examples help you to get idea for Marketing. Many customers noted their interest in the product came from the social media site. A little earlier we discussed the idea of producing hand-crafted type, but a few graphic elements and digital type adjustments can be just as effective if you re not keen to go down that handcrafted route. 04 08 2016 Switching from TV and banner ads to a Facebook-only Christmas campaign helped Norwegian food brand Fjordland significantly increase website traffic and sales with just one-third of the budget.

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Lesson Learned 1 Use data at hand effectively to target your Facebook ads strategically. We decided to pull them together in one place as a resource for Facebook advertisers. This use of incorrect colours is pretty jarring and captures lots of attention whilst making a pretty strong statement. Strategy The Campaign was created to reinforce awareness of Maple Place Dental s community presence, while simultaneously advertising the exclusive availability of Air Miles reward miles. Needscope identified the problems and explained that Ziera made women feel powerful, elegant and lively. High-value AirAsia advocates regular customers that champion the brand. The use of video ads and retargeted follow ups was 2. Results 60 of Israel s Facebook population saw the ads More than 1 of Israel s Facebook population engaged with the MasterChef brand The Sponsored Stories saw an over 50 conversion rate In two days, the Poll Ads received almost 40,000 responses The Facebook page received 20,000 fans directly from the ads 48. The company released its second game, Happy Habitat, and decided to move into Facebook social gaming.

To do this they turned to Facebook Adverts, targeting the campaign to Facebook users who were located within a few miles of their showrooms as well as those that lived near Castle s top competitors. 30 Advertisement Design Tips That Turn Heads Brilliant Case Studies Design School 30 Advertisement Design Tips That Turn Heads Brilliant Case Studies As long as people keep creating new products, they will keep creating ads. Nizharadze wanted to increase her Facebook page fans and video views. It s always our goal to engage our consumers in a way that s not only entertaining but also relevant, humorous in our own Old Spice tone and worthy of their attention.

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