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What are case studies in educational research - Case Studying Educational Research A Way of Looking at Reality

Researcher and case interactions and triangulation Researcher and case interactions and transactions are a defining feature of case study methodology Stake When available, these documents can add additional insight or information to projects, n. M, Rubia-Avi B, Anguita-Mart nez R, G mez-S nchez E, Mart nez-Mones A. They are examining the reasons students use varying types of communication channels and the potential effectiveness of social media as a channel for communication for academic information.

If teachers implement technology education in their classrooms, how do they assess student performance? Improved reporting of case studies by qualitative researchers will advance the methodology for the benefit of researchers and practitioners. Yet, students awareness as educational researchers is visible, in the intent of understanding the how and why of social phenomena.

IJTCS delivers case studies aimed at supporting teaching, learning and research in academic and applied professional settings and papers examining curricula, knowledge bodies, certification and professional issues Topics covered include Teaching, learning and research The case study as a teaching and research methodology Management science Marketing Finance Education Psychology Sociology Political Science Computer science Information systems and technology Software engineering Curricula structure planning bodies of knowledge for any all the above Certification and professional training issues in higher education Objectives IJTCS aims at publishing high quality research papers, reflective studies, case studies and lessons learned notes on any aspect of teaching, learning and research across the disciplines as well as the role of the case study as a teaching and research methodology. This diversity gives the case study the advantage to reveal the of social phenomena, together with some constraints, which come from a less insightful usage. The study context was adequately described, providing detail on the general practitioner GP clinics and relevant political and economic influences. In 2007 the Knowledge and Human Development Authority KHDA along with Education Development Trust assisted. International Journal of Education the Arts, 2 9. Photo copy 3 types of different journal type structure Lisa be strategic If you don apos t know what literature you want to use yet Follows this for writing from now 1- write research methods draft 2- Draft the bibliography references 3 write literature review 4 analyse your data, write findings as you analyse 5- Finish writing findings 6- Write introduction 7- Then start your next draft of entire document You will have Lots of drafts Case study Research ul li Qualitative research denies positivist claim that there is one objective truth to be uncovered through process of research Cohen et al li ul ul li Meaning is found through engaging with realities in our world Crotty li ul ul li Case studies used in large number of social science research theses dissertations li ul ul li Yin li ul ul li Because you want to investigate a certain phenomena learning situation, technology for learning with a certain group of people person li ul ul li The case the people person li ul ul li Allows for exploration li ul ul li Takes a holistic view of a situation li ul ul li Accessibility convenience situations where sampling can be difficult li ul ul li Flexible li ul ul li Watch out.

SAGE Research Methods contains content from over 720 books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks, the entire Little Green Book, and Little Blue Book series, two Major Works collating a selection of journal articles, and specially commissioned videos. Because of the tightly controlled conditions, random sampling, and use of statistical probabilities, it is theoretically possible to predict behavior in similar settings without actually observing that behavior.

We reserve the right to ignore a Notice that is not in compliance with the DMCA. Once the final corpus was gathered, the written discourse was analysed, considering categories a priori and a Menter, Professor of Teacher Education, University of Oxford This book is comprehensive in its coverage, yet detailed in its exposition of case study research. Case study research has a level of flexibility that is not readily offered by other qualitative approaches such as grounded theory or phenomenology. This notice and any attachments we receive will be forwarded to the alleged infringer, who will then have the opportunity to file a counter notification pursuant to Sections 512 g 2 and 3 of the DMCA.

One possible research model for investigating misconceptions about technology would be to observe one or more classes of students as they learn technological concepts analyze their written explanations of those concepts use this analysis to identify those with high and low incidences of misconceptions and select informants from these two student groups. It s something different where you actually apply what you re learning. Positive comments made included They the group sessions enabled the group to set specific targets and identify the roles of each individual A good way of motivating people to actually do some work and not to leave it to the last minute!

It makes sense of literature in this area, and shows how to generate collaborations and communicate findings. Even though students reveal awareness of the of social phenomena and the researcher s role, only a minority adds alternative perspectives and control mechanisms, so as to safeguard methodological rigour. In terms of summative assessment, these case studies require students to produce one or more outputs between them generally a report and or presentation poster and we have used group meetings with supervisors and feedback sessions to provide the formative assessment. We hope that by explaining our rationale for the adoption of case studies, and by discussing their development and structure, you will be encouraged to consider your own teaching methods and whether this approach, or aspects of it, is appropriate to you. The amount of description, analysis, or summary material is up to the investigator.

Data analysis, supported by context and history, is accomplished by 47. Yet, students awareness as educational researchers is visible, in the intent of understanding the how and why of social phenomena. In view of the weaknesses detected in the analysed research projects, we further conclude that, in the future, it is necessary to reinforce specific training in Methodology, in Higher Education, so as to provide Master s students with the necessary background for the construction and report of their case studies.

Cotner found that student reception of the custom vodcasts was more enthusiastic than reception of the class captures. 237 As a form of research, Stake suggested, case study is defined by interest in individual cases, not by the methods of inquiry used p.

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