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What is the purpose of writing research paper - Why Students Should Still Write Research Papers

How do you know when you have enough information in your abstract? No two projects are identical, but most projects follow a series of six basic steps.

The purpose statement may be expressed in several sentences or even an entire paragraph. During this step of the process, it is also a good idea to plan the resources and organizational tools you will use to keep yourself on track throughout the project.

The key is that it should be something personally important to them. Present terminology and viewpoints on your topic in an unbiased and comprehensive manner.

A common question asked at the start of any paper is, Where should I begin?

Knowing how to compose these kinds of papers, properly while citing your resources will help you get through your program with a high GPA.

PURPOSE Your purpose in reading source materials and then in drawing upon them to write your own material is often reflected in the wording of an assignment. Finally, consider the theoretical and practical implications involved in your research project APA, 2010. Then ask yourself if your abstract was the only part of the paper you could access, would you be happy with the amount of information presented there?

General intent This should be the easiest section to write, but many students misunderstand the purpose.

Rob Jenkins is an associate professor of English at Georgia State University Perimeter College. Be cautious about using web sites as references- anyone can put just about anything on a web site, and you have no sure way of knowing if it is truth or fiction. You should read as much literature on the general topic as possible. And yet, like librarians, they tend to be seen as providing a service to other departments and feel they owe it to their students to help them survive college. The background information will also state the aim of your research paper. The statement of purpose should be particular not the general one. If you find yourself feeling stifled or have a specific interest in another topic not listed, approach your teacher and express your reservations. Writing tips Testimonials Jeannette TX I am very happy with this academic resource.

These tasks, more sophisticated than merely summarizing an article for a report, reflect the complex work demands of college and career. Research Article Introductions in English for Specific Purposes A Comparison between Brazilian, Portuguese, and English.

Describe the importance significance of the study- why was this worth doing in the first place? Minor points are subtopics within your major points.

It is neither a book report nor an opinion piece nor an expository essay consisting solely of one s interpretation of a text nor an overview of a particular topic.

1 The Purpose of Research Writing by is licensed under a, except where otherwise noted. It seems a bit obvious, but you don t want to find yourself in the midst of investigating a complex research project and realize that you don t have enough prior research to draw from for your analysis. Would it be useful to compare and contrast source C with source B?

Do your best to produce a professional looking proposal. In a minute or less a reader can learn the rationale behind the study, general approach to the problem, pertinent results, and important conclusions or new questions. Statement of the Problem provides the purpose for the research. A Statement of Purpose is a sentence that you write, which states, in some detail, what you want to learn about in your research project.

Who invented the game of football, and how has it changed over the years? Her dissertation research is on the black hair care industry.

Select and carefully read your sources, according to your purpose. This section of the Concept Paper introduces the problem under investigation, addresses why the researcher wants to investigate this problem, and how the research findings may help.

This type of research paper is not a simple regurgitation of information.

After all, how can you summarize something that is not yet written? Background information expands upon the key points stated in the beginning of your introduction but is not intended to be the main focus of the paper. Avoid the Dictionary Introduction Giving the dictionary definition of words related to the research problem may appear appropriate because it is important to define specific terminology that readers may be unfamiliar with.

For writing down the final statement of purpose a writer has to read out and understand the topic of the research paper very carefully.

Secondary sources, such as biographies, literary reviews, or magazine articles, include some analysis or interpretation of the information presented. What might happen if you eliminated step 4 from the research writing process? Is global warming the major cause of deforestation in the Amazon? In order to diminish the risk of plagiarizing, do NOT directly lift phrasing or entire segments of the text from sources without properly indicating that you have done so. If you find yourself feeling stifled or have a specific interest in another topic not listed, approach your teacher and express your reservations.

Some of your papers may not require references, and if that is the case simply state that no references were consulted. Words should serve a useful purpose avoid words that do not add substance or words that are misleading.

Locating, analyzing, and sharing information are key steps in the research process, and in this chapter, you will learn more about each step. Developing Research Questions A Guide for Social Scientists. Why the Research Paper Isn t Working Library Babel Fish I recently returned from a brief encounter with some fascinating ideas at 4Cs the annual meeting of the. The focus will be on the economic, political, and social relationships which brought about the environmental problems in the Sahel. Be aware of how much research is available on your topic of choice.

Informative Abstract The majority of abstracts are informative.

Your reader has to be sure that it is not another useless piece of writing, but a profound work of research that will be extremely important for science.

Medical laboratory technician Small business owner Information technology professional Freelance magazine writer A medical laboratory technician or information technology professional might do research to learn about the latest technological developments in either of these fields.

However, she should also avoid the type of esoteric discussion that condescends to her audience. Engaging the Reader The overarching goal of your introduction is to make your readers want to read your paper. Statement of the Problem provides the purpose for the research. Instead of trying to argue that bacteria are not life forms, you might instead alter your thesis to Mars cannot support complex life-forms. For uses beyond those covered by law or the Creative Commons license, permission to reuse should be sought directly from the copyright owner.

Some people think that any literate person can write a good academic research proposal.

A good database for obtaining definitive definitions of concepts or terms is. By Teresa Sweeney, Writing Specialist, 2008 writingcenter writing-tips Writing Center Hours 40 Loretto Hall 314-246-8644 Regular Semester Hours Mon- Thurs 10am- 7pm Fri 10am- 4 30pm Sat-Sun 1 00-4 00 Webster University Library to schedule an appointment.

An Abridged Methodology provides the student s best idea on how to conduct the research and analyze the data.

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 60 October 2009 2010-2018 Procter, Margaret. The point is not to document every possible delimiting factor, but to highlight why previously researched issues related to the topic were not addressed.

Establish your authority to speak on the topic by paying attention to your audience s expectations, the rhetorical purpose and genre of your document, and the academic standards of your discipline. If you want students to learn about a topic and be able to synthesize information effectively, fine but don t call it research. No two projects are identical, but most projects follow a series of six basic steps. Be sure to give your essay a descriptive and title NOT Synthesis, for goodness sake! aims to build the ACW community by sharing the experiences of academic writers. Remember that your style manual fundamentally is used to locate rules about how to present the form and shape of your paper however, some style manuals include sections about how to approach the subject matter of your research paper. Describe the importance significance of the study- why was this worth doing in the first place?

Because you concern yourself with form after you generate content, you may not consult the style manual until you reach the final drafts of your paper. If you find yourself strugging with specific notions set forth by an author, it is likely in your best interest to either seek faculty help or exclude such materials.

Yet, a week into researching your topic, you find an article in the New York Times detailing new findings of bacteria under the Martian surface.

The So What question refers to a research problem surviving the relevancy test the quality of a measurement procedure that provides repeatability and accuracy. Identifying an Audience- This section will help the student understand the often times confusing topic of audience by offering some basic guidelines for the process.

Supporting documentation, including statistical data if available, should be used to emphasize the need for this research. Before reporting new information, published reports with requisite citations and bibliography begin with what experts have already contributed to the issue. State the hypothesis objective precisely- do not oversimplify. That is why you should study the research proposal samples you found attentively. Summary This handout provides detailed information about how to write research papers including discussing research papers as a genre, choosing topics, and finding sources.

In a research proposal, you present your main research question, any related subquestions you plan to explore, and your working thesis.

There s also a nice section on using sources in the middle of another article entitled in from the Roane State Community College OWL.

No pretence is made of there being either a balanced or complete picture of the paper and, in fact, incomplete and leading remarks may be used to spark the reader s interest.

When rereading, label or underline the passages for main ideas, key terms, and any details you want to use in the synthesis. She ended up writing a paper about the challenges of opening a private practice and discovering there s a lot more to it than just treating patients.

Economy of words is important throughout any paper, but especially in an abstract. The literature review connects your ideas to the other ideas in your field. Seeing one s ideas in writing is often an impetus for the writing process.

Next Steps Society needs educational advocates educators need to be aware of this situation and strive for student retention in order to promote healthy lifestyles and warn students of the risks associated with dropping out of school.

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