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Thesis about work performance - The Employee Relation leads to performance

Engagement has been described as a combination of commitment and organisational citizenship.

The researcher has ensured proper access to the case studied organization through the sending letter of informed consent. This has been done in order to prevent plagiarism. In this research both primary and secondary data were collected considering the aims and objectives of the research. The traditional academic models of industrial relations have only limited relevance to what managers do today.

According to Maslow s theory if an employee fulfils his or her needs of hierarchy, then he or she is satisfied with the job and vice-versa Maslow, 1970. Union influence in the private sector, on the other hand, continues to decline. For instance, the JDI is an instrument that is used to assess job satisfaction more than any other inventory Kinicki, 2002. Designing questionnaires may appear to be simple, especially to those who have not designed one before. 3 RATIONAL Author believes that employee relation is very important as an motivating factor, and employee performance is also very important for the development of an organization and in achieving organizational goal. 1 Organizational Citizenship Behaviors Organizational Citizenship Behaviors OCB is defined as those extra works related behaviors, which go above and beyond the routine duties prescribed by their job descriptions or measured in formal evaluations Bateman and Organ, 1983. The survey results denoted that majority 40 people are satisfied in some cases with the style of supervision by their leader and or manager, however, 20 people did not mention either they are satisfied or dissatisfied in the same aspect. Questionnaire design The researcher has conducted interviews and questionnaire survey for the purpose of collecting primary data and document review analysis for the purpose of collecting secondary data from the case studied organization, such as Grange Hotels, UK. I am obliged to record my sincere appreciation and thankfulness to my parents Mr. Each item specified in this chapter is related to definition, and theories that are also related to the item under review. There are also stronger relationships depending on specific circumstances such as mood and employee level within the company Morrison, 1997.

ABSTRACT While performing their duties in an organization, an employees performance can be viewed through the provision of rewards, benefits, pay levels and pay for their In accordance with the above prescription of data analysis, firstly all the collected data were coded and arranged in a systematic manner and then analysed in accordance with the objectives of the research to reach the conclusions after comparing secondary and primary data.

illustration not visible in this excerpt All praises be to Allah, for the blessing and the strength that he has given me while working on this research.

Training also can be enhanced through role playing and behavior modeling of situations requiring manager trainees to exhibit effective behaviors.

In this research author has established aim and objective which basically focus on impact of good employee relation on employee performance. In contrast, each of the situations under quantitative research calls for very specific data, capable of suggesting a final course of action Parasuraman, et al. Based on the critical review of the literature, it is clear that job satisfaction is an important and crucial aspect to work performance of the employees.

Answer no-1- YES NO OPTIONS RESPONSE PERCENTAGE YES 10 100 NO 0 In the above response collected, it is visible that 100 of the employees said that good employee relation has significance in hotel Industry. Economic concerns Economic concerns are of interest to employers because they want to get the most from their employees. In other words, they must be satisfied with the rewards Stredwick, 2000 in order to achieve the organizational goals and with this case it seems in a condition that both organization and employees can be benefited.

1 Pay Level and Work Performance According to William et al 2006 cited from Till Karren, 2011, the actual pay level and satisfaction is probably a function of the discrepancy of perceive pay level and the amount that employees believe their pays should be.

The organization has following important aspects in relation to employee management and work performance that derived from Corporate Social Grange Hotels, UK section Grange Hotels Corporate Responsibility 2011- Recruit, promote and retain all talented individuals by offering benefits Provide equal opportunities and value within the workplace Provide safe and secure workplace for all employees Provide training to employees to develop skills and competencies Provide different reward systems based on the performance of the employees and System of behaving of all employees on corporate responsibly way that will make positive social, economic and environmental contribution. The ideas of employee voice and the psychological contract have been accepted by employers and reflected in their employee relations policies and aspirations.

But they have mentioned that in some cases, the organization is using following tools and techniques to measure the work performance of the employees- Application of balanced scorecard Conducting survey on employee performance Carry out customer survey on their satisfaction on employee performance and Conducting interviews with employees etc.

What are the major techniques to motivate employees that lead to job satisfaction and thus better work performance of the employees Interview Q-07 Thus, the author would like to mention that to motivate employees that can lead to the job satisfaction and thus better work performance within an organization, following major techniques can be applied and implemented- Financial reward system Non-financial reward system Empowerment and power delegation to employees and Involvement of employees in decision making process, in most cases within the organization.

1959 have examined the relationships between job satisfaction and performance and formulized a theory base on their results. Based on the findings, the author will make valid conclusions and for the organization that can help the organization to improve current situations and conditions to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

The study was based on conceptual method which is focusing on relation to the satisfaction of reward and employee s performance it has 4 items, which are pay level, Salary raise and benefits satisfactions. Author is presenting this section as secondary research which is conducted through many books and websites. This helps to give meaning to one s existence, thus playing a vital role in job satisfaction. Sample size and sampling techniques To determine sample size is an important concern for the researcher to collect relevant data from the right people or respondents within the case studied organization.

Advantages of used research methods The advantages of the used research methods can be shown as follows- Table 3.

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