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Thesis about work performance - The Influence of Rewards and Satisfactions on Employees Publish your masters thesis, bachelors thesis, essay or term paper

of an employee can also affect the job satisfaction and of that employee. Another technique interview that is regarded as more open-ended approach than critical incidents and where interviews offer interviewee wider scope in terms of response McKenna, 2000 p. Do you think better organizational structure and culture plays important and crucial role to increase job satisfaction and work performance of the employees within an organization, such as Grange Hotels, UK? Most the general employees are satisfied with the following aspects- relationships with other employees, work itself, and overall company s polices and regulations. He also mentioned that a time study approach can be used to measure the efficiency of an employee. However, a variety of studies suggest that research has found only a limited relationship between satisfaction and work output and offer scant comfort to those seeking to confirm that a satisfied worker is also a productive one.

Limitation on critical review of literature There may have some lacking with the collection of data and information in relation to research aims and objectives from the critical review of literature for several reasons.

the relationships with the supervisor the working environment and its quality degree of fulfilment in the working place etc. One could add fair promotion policies and practices to fair pay Witt and Nye, 1992.

In the service profit chain, there are critical linkages among internal service quality, employee satisfaction productivity, the value of services provided to the customers, customers satisfaction and company s profits. To find out the impact of good employee relation on employee performance 1. George and Brief 1996 and Isen and Baron 1991 both founded that job satisfaction can lead better work performance of the employees within an organization.

Forming natural work units that enhances task identity and task significance c.

Question no-4- Do you feel that Employees always want to be appreciated for job done? These aims are explored in the four papers which constitute the thesis.

The Individual differences include stable traits or values that create persistent variation among individuals. In this chapter, there have been discussed and explained some major issues and concepts within the research methodology. Timeliness The time required to complete a particular task can be regard as measuring tool of work performance of that employee within the organization Hakala, 2008.

Author has followed tabulation of data and use of percentage technique to find out average of the response and based on the same conclusion has been drawn. Managing the employment relationship rests heavily on the shoulders of line managers, but their competence in this area is, in general, seriously neglected.

On the other hand, individual performance refers to behavior displayed by the employees Campbell, 1990. For example, the interview questions were designated with both open-ended and closed-ended, mostly using Likert scale questions.

the investigation and analysis of the effect of job satisfaction on the employee s work performance within an organization, such as Grange Hotels, UK is appropriate and relevant. Absenteeism There is said to be an inverse relationship between job satisfaction and level of absenteeism- that is, when job satisfaction is low, absenteeism tends to be high Steel and Rentsch, 1995. Even though this is true, individual performance should not be neglected because it is an extremely important criterion that relates to organizational outcomes and success Heil, 2011.

The basis for the Job Descriptive Index is that job satisfaction is important for three different reasons humanitarian concerns, economic concerns, and theoretical concerns.

Registered office Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 7PJ. and employees personal factors- attitudes towards job, age, wages and salaries according to level of experiences, willingness and innovative in working approach etc. Most the general employees are satisfied with the following aspects- relationships with other employees, work itself, and overall company s polices and regulations. For example, job satisfaction can creates more commitment to the employees and thus improve better work performance within the organization. On the other hand, 15 people have mentioned that they are dissatisfied in some cases with the actual job itself.

The researcher was more motivated and self-esteemed regarding the research title as she has been working for nearly 2 years within the case studied organization. 2 Employee relation Employee relations can be seen primarily as a skill-set or a philosophy, rather than as a management function or well-defined area of activity. However, in this study we are since not conducting such explanations of what is the meaning of employees, but it s an important to realize that we need a little touch about what are the employees duties and what they are employed to perform. Key summary of the findings from primary and secondary data The summary of the research findings from the primary and secondary data can be represent as follows- The organization may need to consider some particular issues and matters in relation to job satisfaction and work performance of the employees. Overall, this chapter includes all definitions and important things pertaining to the independent variable and dependent variables. Indeed, research has shown that organizational rewards are the one thing that can change employee s performance or can motivate them to be more productive and efficient in their work. I am also indebted to Insaniah University College IUC and the librarians at IUC. In this chapter, the researchers has presented primary research findings in such way that was very appropriate to cover all of the issues and concepts in relation to research findings and analysis.

Findings and solutions of this study would provide to organizations to understand about the relationship between reward items such as pay level, benefit, raise and structure with the work performance in the organizational tasks. In fact, without her continued support and interest, this project paper would not have been the same as presented here. Exploring the measurement of basic assumptions about guests and co-workers in the hospitality industry. Chapter 5 Conclusions Introduction The final chapter of the dissertation is known as conclusions and chapter where the researcher has to provide key summary of the research findings from different sources- tertiary, secondary and primary source as well as cost-effective and constructive for the academic and organizational perspective.

3 DATA ANALYSIS Before analyzing a data set using sophisticated techniques, a researcher should get a feeling for what the data are like.

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