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Small business research reports - State of Small Business Report

Part of Advocacy s mission is to conduct, sponsor, and promote economic research that provides an environment for small business growth. Of particular interest is a finding that in 2016 customer satisfaction, which had previously been largely a customer service concern, is now the number one success metric for marketing teams.

March 2009 This profile describes innovative small and medium enterprises SMEs along a range of and examines whether they differ from non-innovative SMEs in terms of access to financing, financing terms and conditions, and obstacles faced in accessing financing.

A must have step by step guide for SMB IT Providers who want to build a successful cloud business with Microsoft. September 2006 This profile looks at small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs that received financing for risk capital through the informal marketplace in Canada. Financial Ratios Glossary The financial ratios glossary includes definitions and calculations of the major ratios displayed in BizMiner s Industry Financial and BizBenchmarker reports. March 2001 The background to this work stems from Industry Canada s central emphasis in the policy agenda on a strategy to encourage innovation as the engine of growth for productivity and in the globalized economy. The amount of information varies depending upon the industry. Retail Sales per Square Foot Report Each Retail Sales per Square Foot report compiles sales per square foot data on more than one hundred firms covering over one hundred thousand storefront operations. Give-back Giving back More likely to say that helping other business owners be successful is a key goal for them.

The Industry Market subscription includes both the Industry Market report database and the narrative Competitive Market Analyzer series at all market levels. It gives an overview of the types of financing that are currently available to small businesses, from banks to community development financial institutions, and credit unions to online lenders.

The SBA was created by Congress in 1953 to help American entrepreneurs start, run, and grow successful small enterprises. Mining the business information you need 2017 The Brandow Company.

If you feel that our information does not fully cover your circumstances, or you are unsure how it applies to you, contact us or seek professional advice. April 2006 The Small Business Branch SBB of Industry Canada engaged Phoenix Strategic Perspectives Inc. March 2015 Using post-recession data, this update of the SME profile, first published in 2011, provides a descriptive overview of SMEs in tourism industries and examines their similarities and differences when compared with SMEs in other industries in terms of business and owner access to financing, financing terms and conditions and obstacles to business growth.

Comprehensive Financial Information Protect your money and reduce liability and fraud. 2005 November 2005 As part of the multi-year Growth Firms Project, the Small Business Branch investigated the job creation performance of exporters in the most recent phase of work. Interesting Stats from 2013 data California has the highest number of small businesses 3.

Emergent Research partners, Steve King and Carolyn Ockels, are co-authors of the Intuit 2020 Report and the Intuit Future of Small Business Report Series.

The company has just announced the release of the white paper report and infographic summarizing the findings of their.

Hotel Property Tax Study This study estimating the total volume of property taxes paid by U. Intuit Research Reveals Five Trends Shaping the Future of Small Business MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.

It assesses how the BDC has responded to the changing needs of its clients and to government priorities. The purpose of this study, therefore, was to quantify the rate of financial incrementality of the CSBFP. At the same time, introductory and top-level content is provided to give you an overview of the issues covered.

Low-Revenue They are the most likely to anticipate much lower revenue than last year. Officials at most agencies, including DOD and EPA, identified difficulties in using extramural R D obligations data to calculate spending requirements and determine compliance.

54 of respondents report plans to grow their businesses locally and 33 to grow nationally.

Cost-effective online advertising There are countless opportunities for small businesses to deliver their targeted messages to prospective customers around the world.

March 2009 This profile describes innovative small and medium enterprises SMEs along a range of and examines whether they differ from non-innovative SMEs in terms of access to financing, financing terms and conditions, and obstacles faced in accessing financing. While obtaining VC funding can be a catalyst for an emerging firm, the market for VC funds is highly competitive, with less than one percent of firms receiving VC funding.

The two small business R D programs we looked at require participating agencies to spend a certain percentage of their external research funding on the programs. No matter how much or how little money business owners have, they work hard to earn it and, with a little luck and a lot of devotion, see it grow over time.

This report provides an in-depth assessment of equity markets for smaller businesses using a wide range of data sources.

December 2004 This paper, which is a summary of a longer document, also provides information on exports by size of firm across provinces, industry and export destination, as well as a comparison with U.

Telephone 203 567-7200 Area Shelton, Connecticut SSI www.

It presents a demographic analysis of Canada s largest firms, their contributions to Canadian employment and research and development spending, as well as a jurisdictional analysis of Canada s performance in producing globally competitive firms relative to a series of comparator economies, including Australia, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. March 2015 The federal government has put various programs in place to assist SMEs to access financing and, most notably, the Canada Small Business Financing Program CSBFP. Make sure you have the information for the right year before making decisions based on that information. nonfarm private sector employment SMALL BUSINESS REPORT 50,000 Change in employment among small businesses with 1-49 employees NATIONAL FRANCHISE REPORT 26,600 Change in U. Impact of OTA Bias and Consolidation on Consumers Harvard Business Professor Benjamin Edelman s White Paper Impact of OTA Bias and Consolidation on Consumers Airbnb Analysis CBRE Report Short-term rental companies like Airbnb by far the dominant player among its peers claim they simply help regular folks occasionally rent out a spare room in their home to make some extra money.

New Jersey Business Owners Are Most Likely to Be Approved for a Loan, According to New Report by Biz2Credit July 06, 2017 Despite recent reports of Illinois having the lowest credit rating of any state, the Midwestern hub was very welcoming for business owners seeking financing, added Arora.

The biggest emotional barrier to engaging with us is our role as a regulator. Our Latest Research This report examines the benefits of increased diversity of supply and heightened awareness of a diverse range of finance options, setting out what would be important to smaller businesses in such a market. Reveal all concrete conclusions discovered during the research. Half of all respondents plan to hire new employees in 2016, and hiring was cited as the top business challenge in 2016.

CONDUCT SMALL BUSINESS RESEARCH MANAGE YOUR SMALL BUSINESS CREDIT RISK. 2017 State of Small Business Report from a survey of over 1,100 small businesses State of Small Business Report Over 1,100 U. Subscriptions The US Financial subscription includes both the US Industry Financial series and the Micro-Firm Profit and Loss series. Public Information Sources Government statistics are among the most plentiful and wide-ranging public sources.

March 2001 This report documents the types of contributions, beyond the monetary investment itself, made by private investors to businesses in which they invest.

Recommendation To ensure full compliance with SBIR and STTR spending and reporting requirements, the Secretary of Defense and the EPA Administrator should establish procedures to collect and submit obligations data orthrough SBA, independently, or through a working group of agencies participating in the SBIR and STTR to Congress an alternative methodology for calculating spending requirements for their agencies.

May 2006 This profile on HGSMEs presents key financing patterns and potential financial barriers for these firms. data coupled with the insights of senior venture capital VC professionals obtained in interviews conducted over the period December 2004 January 2005.

It is one of the most popular independent small business publications on the web. Tax professionals play an important role in supporting small business and are clearly the preferred source of information and advice. Explain these conclusions in-depth in a clear presentation format.

The number is expected to more than double to 128. to conduct two national surveys to identify how best to recruit and retain millennials in the hotel and lodging industry now and in the future. The NIH SBIR STTR program cannot attest to the accuracy of information provided by these links. The SBA was created by Congress in 1953 to help American entrepreneurs start, run, and grow successful small enterprises.

2017 Lodging Tax Burden Assessment To support a better understanding of the current tax burden on US hotels for the American Hotel Lodging Association, Oxford Economics researched historical trends in lodging tax rates in 26 major US cities Major US Cities. These reports contain valuable analysis of an industry s operating conditions, forecasts, driving forces, competitive landscape, etc.

The purpose of this study, therefore, was to quantify the rate of financial incrementality of the CSBFP. Do your research before you start trying to sell in a new market.

Products BizMiner s six product lines cover a range of detailed industry financial analysis and industry market analysis needs. On the basis of this review, this report advances a series of hypotheses that relate to various perceptions of financing gaps that pertain to SMEs.

Check out online reports, industry reviews and magazine articles. For the additional NIH SBIR STTR FOAs, please view the Funding page. This interactive tool lets you visualize the data with creative use of maps, charts and graphs.

This offers small businesses peace of mind and saves them time.

This survey shows just how serious the problem is for micro-business owners and their employees, the lengths they must go to acquire coverage, and how great the need for realistic solutions to the growing health care crisis, says NASE President Robert Hughes.

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